King King & The Damn Truth – The Apex Live Review

So tonight I attended my first gig of 2022 and man it did not disappoint The Damn Truth and King King were on absolute fire Both bands took The Apex by storm !It’s more than fair to say I was particularly excited to see The Damn Truth as this was my first time seeing them live. Last year I was sent their single ‘This Is Who We Are Now’ and as soon as I heard that I knew they were a band for me. A few weeks later I interviewed the band for the first time for my radio show. Chatting to Lee-La and PY I knew even more so in my heart that this was going to be a very special band they oozed cool, they had that certain something you can’t quite put your finger on or explain but all the top bands have it and they had it by the bucket load.I subsequently bought their ‘Now or Nowhere’ album and it was hands down one of my favourite albums not only of last year but now a favourite in general. Just before the tour I got to speak to the band again this time catching up with Lee-La and Tom the whole band is so passionate about what they do and that only feeds into the music and takes it up into the stratosphere. They were clearly very fired up for the tour and I had a gut feeling before seeing them live that they were going to blow me away.Well last night that gut feeling was proved right and then some more !They took to the stage with confidence and deservedly so, opening up with ‘This Is Who We Are Now’ they took the whole audience on a journey, it may have been King Kings headline show but for the duration of their set the crowd and the stage belonged to them. Dave drumming driving the set forward, giving every song that bounce and groove which locking in with PY as well as they do together laid the low end foundations of the music. Lee-Las voice on the album is amazing, but live it’s on a whole other level, the soul and power in her voice is something you can truly only experience live. Then there’s Tom who simply is one of the finest guitarists I have ever seen not only in recent years but full stop. His licks underpinning songs and locking in with Lee-La for some killer grooves and then his solos taking everyone on up to the stratosphere

I knew they’d be good but they were fucking amazing I’ve not seen a band as good as this for the first time since I first saw Rival Sons and I cannot wait to see a headline show when they return to the UKThen it was time for the headline act the one and only King King. I’ve seen King King several times over the years and they have always delivered exceptional performances. However tonight was the first time seeing them live since Steve Nimmo, Zander Greenshields and Andrew Scott had joined the ranks alongside Jonny Dyke and of course Alan Nimmo Not only are they as good as any line up of the band I’ve seen before but this felt like the best show I’ve seen them do. Andrews drumming is killer a true heavy hitter where needed but bringing the audience right in and quiet on final closer ‘Stranger to Love’, Zander holding down the low end with true class adding a richness and depth to the songs. Then there was Steve the first time for me seeing a two guitar line up of the band Steve’s guitar work adding layers and thickening up the back catalogue of the band whilst bringing those textures from latest album ‘Maverick’ his vocal harmonies alongside Jonny and of course his brother Alan really did take the songs to a whole new levelSpeaking of Jonny well there’s not much that can’t be said that hasn’t already. One of my favourite keys player in music ever there’s nothing this man can’t do and his sound very much a vital piece of the King King DNA.Then there was the main man himself Alan Nimmo who I’ve also had the good fortune to interview for The Rock Show with Lee Graham on RWSfm 103.3 who’s vocals, guitar work, passion and love for what he does shines through. Ever the professional and charismatic frontman and also one of the best soulful voices going.

To say I’m buzzing still from the show last night is a real understatement…..

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